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About Financial Toolbox

Our Story

Financial Toolbox is an organisation founded in 2017 with the aim of empowering women through financial education. In partnership with Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, our early activities focused on educational workshops for women about personal finances and money matters.

Since that time, we have held more than 50 workshops to more than 2,600 Western Australian women, many of whom have told us that these sessions gave them courage to do things differently and changed the course of their lives.

Our work to support women and children facing, or at risk of, family and domestic violence was initially focused on financial abuse, but quickly grew to the provision of a more comprehensive suite of information to empower those facing abuse throughout the various steps of their journey. was developed after extensive consultation with those facing abuse and those working with them about how we could best provide support to augment and complement existing family and domestic violence services. was launched in 2019 by the Hon. Minister Simone McGurk and since then has had nearly 90,000 users, as at December 2022, has won the 2022 Richard (Dick) Fletcher Consumer Protection Award and received a special mention in the International Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards in the “Best Product for an Underserved Community” category, as of December 2022.


Family and domestic violence is recognised as a gendered issue, with women disproportionately impacted, and our language is cognisant of this. However, is free and available to all who face family and domestic violence (regardless of gender, race, sexuality) as well as those seeking to support them.

In mid 2022, our board decided to focus our future efforts on supporting women facing family and domestic violence. However, we remain immensely proud of our legacy of financial education for WA women.

Our Future

We are committed to continuing to improve the resource, including expanding the service directory component for a national audience and some exciting new features that are currently being planned.

We remain heavily reliant on our dedicated volunteer team and board to support and augment the work done by our small staff. We are extremely grateful for the countless pro bono efforts that have brought us to where we are today and the support and generosity of our donors and contributors.

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